Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Zalien: Measuring the Alien

The Tiki Carver was a bit easier to keep consistent but, as I mentioned, the previous character studies of Zalien tend to be all over the place.  Some are longer, skinnier, shorter, etc. than others.  He's a hard character to keep straight so it's important to establish some parameters.

This character study, I think, was correctly proportioned at about 3 1/4 heads in height:
This next character is the same height but other proportions have strayed:
Especially the heads... they seem to belong to two different characters.  One way, I believe, to tighten that up is to create a controlling parameter.  Here's my theory about "The Box":
3 different expressions but clearly they are all the same character.  Now I'm starting to get a kick out of Zalien.

So I have my next task cut out for me: I'll rework a few of my character studies and once they start to look right, color them.  Stay tuned.

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