Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tiki Carver: Granddaughter (rough ideas)

I'm thinking the Tiki Carver story should be told from the perspective of the granddaughter... the story is developing in my mind... so I want to create this character.

So I guess it's important to scribble ideas pretty much as fast as you can rather than second-guessing them...
... just random, non-thinking scribbles at first.  The bottom row, though, is giving me something to work with.

This, I think, looks more like a 6-year-old who considers her grandpa to be the "best grandpa in the whole world":

It's probably a good idea to fill a page with scribbles everyday. 

Here are some tikis in 3/4 view....
...always handy.  They can be re-purposed as required. 

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