Sunday, March 5, 2017

Quck break:Sponging Paint

Today I was taking a break from Zalien when I decided to experiment in creating a sponge brush… I specifically want a “dab” brush similar to how Hanna Barbera (and 50s Chuck Jones) would apply paint with a sponge.

Having done that, I then made up a picture. 
Not a great picture but a great technique!
IMPORTAT NOTE: the sponginess is achieved in the initial application.  Because subsequent additions of color are “clipped”, they will only affect the areas originally painted.  Thus, if you keep you first application fairly light with lots of “air” spaces, these will continue to show through further painting.  This way you cannot paint out the original sponginess.  I imagine this was a problem with the original technique: it could only withstand so much paint-over before it stopped looking spongy. 

All in all took me about 20 minutes.  Not great art and the comp is too symmetrical… but a great experiment in bringing back a technique that I thought was strictly a physical application.  PhotoShop… what can’t you do?!!

And by the way, I think this is a great technique for storybooks. 

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